Glebe Health House


office address: 164 Second Avenue

                       Ottawa, ON, K1S 2H7

mailing address: Dr. Cathy Kerner

                            PO Box 4672, Station E,

                            Ottawa, ON K1S 5H8

There is free two hour parking available on Second Avenue just west of the Glebe Health House and free three hour parking on First Avenue west of Lyon. There are parking meters across the street and a parking garage next door to the office. 

Please be aware that the Glebe Health House is on the 2nd Floor (above Bridgehead). There is one flight of stairs and no elevator access to the office. 


To book an appointment, please contact:



tel: 613-316-6900

fax: 343-888-2191

Whether you are contacting me by phone or fax, please provide all telephone numbers where you can be reached and indicate whether or not I may leave a voice mail message at those numbers. This will help ensure efficient scheduling of your appointment.