What to Expect

Upon arrival to your first appointment, you will be greeted and provided with some information sheets and one or two brief questionnaires. The hand-out provides useful explanations as well as specific information required by the College of Psychologists of Ontario for all new patients. The questionnaires will ask a bit about the nature of the difficulties that bring you in to see me.  The information sheets and questionnaires take 10-15 minutes to review and complete.

Next, we will meet in person for about 50 minutes to discuss your situation in more detail. We will outline the nature of the problem for which you are seeking help and discuss an initial treatment plan.

At follow-up appointments, one hour is set aside for you. This includes 50 minutes of face-to-face discussion and 10 minutes for questionnaires that you might complete. Even if you are not completing questionnaires, I will use this time, either at the start or end of the session, to review your file, complete or review session notes and make phone calls when necessary for your care. 

My psychotherapy approach draws largely from the cognitive behaviour therapy model, however, concepts and strategies such as mindfulness based, emotionally focused, psychodynamic, and logotherapy approaches are also incorporated into treatment.  

It is important that clients experience the therapy relationship as safe and respectful. To that end, I have a flexible and collaborative approach and welcome clients’ questions about all aspects of care. Throughout the course of treatment, we will work as a team to address and resolve problems and consolidate strengths and resources.  

Dr. Cathy Kerzner | Ottawa Psychologist